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How Ar Yu?

Jhn: Hello, nn.
nn: i, Jhn. How r u?
J: Fin, thnks. nd u?
: Oh, I'm fin, too, thnk u.
J: What surprise to meet u in Lndn! r u hr n businss?
: No, I'm hr n holiday. husband George is with m. We want to imrv ur English.
J: I see. Whr is ur hotel?
: It's nr ing's Road.
J: Oh, the trl. It's good hotel, isn't it?
: Yes, it is, inded.
J: How long will u stay in Lndn?
: Two weeks.
J: Wndrful! n we meet again? Thr is ni rsturnt nr ur hotel. Let's go thr for dinner together with ur husband.
: That's good idea!
J: What about tmrrw night?
: All right. At 8 o'clock. Let's meet in the trl.
J: . Till tomorrow. Good-bye, nn.
: e-b, Jhn.

At the Bar

Tom: whisky, please.
Mike: too, please.
Bartender: r u r.
T: Cheers!
M: Cheers!
T: What is ur nm?
M: nm is Mike. And what's ur nm?
T: nm is Tm.
M: Where r u frm?
T: I'm frm Hamburg.
M: r u here n business?
T: Yes, I m. I'm here for a conference.
M: What's ur job?
T: I'm sales manager. And what about u?
M: I'm in computers.
T: It must b a vr interesting work.
M: Oh yes, not too bad. Who's that mn vr there?
T: That's m friend John. He is a sales manager, too. We are together here in London.
J: ll, Tm.
T: Hello, Jhn. How r u?
J: Fine, thnks.
T: John, this is Mike.
J: How do u do?
M: How do you do? Is this your first visit to London, John?
J: Yes, it is.
T: And what about u, Mike?
: I m to London quite ftn, because I have good friends her. I visit them evr r.

Meeting Again

T: llo, Mike. Nice t see u again.
M: llo, Tom. This is m wife Sheila.
Sheila: Nice to meet you.
T: Pleased to meet you, too.
S: Is ur wife with u, too?
T: I'm afraid she isn't.
S: h, what pity! Thr r so mn interesting things to do in London.
T: I quite agree with u.
M: Sheila nd I r going sightseeing n Saturday afternoon.
T: ow wndrful!
S: n Frid I'm going shopping, because Mike is t conference.
T: Will you nd guide n Friday, Sheila?
M: No, thank u. n Sunday we are going to ttit Lane. Why don't u meet us there?
T: Oh, fine! Well, how long will you stay in London?
M: We are leaving on Monday.
S: And you?
T: I'll leave either on Tuesday or on Wednesday. I'm not quite sure, but I must be back home by Thursday, because it's my wife's birthday.

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