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Искусственные языки
Customer: I would like to buy a dress, size ...
Salesperson: What colour do you prefer? White, for instance?
C: I am not quite sure. Do you have a red one?
S: I'm sorry, there isn't a red one. What about this blue dress?
C: Oh, that's really nice! Will it fit me?
S: Perfectly! It watches your blue eyes.
C: How much is it?
S: Eighty pounds.
C: Oh dear! That's too expensive. Don't you have a cheaper one?
S: Certainly, for your slim figure! What about this green dress?
C: I don't like green at all.
S: And this yellow one?
C: I can't wear yellow.
S: Well, I have a nice purple dress for you. Purple is in, you know.
C: Will it suit me?
S: Try it on... Wow, it's becoming you!
C: Really? How much is it?
S: Sixty pounds.
C: All right, I take it.

C: I'd like to buy a suit. Could you help me?
S: Sure, I'll be glad to. What about this brown suit?
C: Oh, I can't bear brown at all. Do you have dark blue ones?
S: Of course, have a look over here. What about this one?
C: I rather like it. How much is it?
S: One hundred eighty-nine dollars.
C: That's a lot of money! Is it worth that price?
S: Yes, every cent of it. The material is top quality.
C: All right, I'll buy it. Well, I also need shoes. Shall I take black or grey ones?
S: I would recommend you black shoes. Follow me to the footwear department. This way, please.

Tourist: Excuse me, this is my first visit to this town. Where is the nearest mall?
Passer-by: It's over there, ten minutes from here on foot.
T: Can I get there some picture postcards?
P: Try the bookstore inside it.
T: Is a post-office also there?
P: No, there is not. If you need it, go down this street and turn left at the end of the block.
T: Can I find some flowers there, too?
P: Yes, there is a florist's there, on the right-hand side at the end of the street.

По материалам пособия Б. Хильдебрандт-Доммель "Английский язык 1. SITA learning system"

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