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ТЕСТЫ ПО АНГЛИЙСКОМУ ЯЗЫКУ ДЛЯ III УРОВНЯ обучения. Часть 1 (см. 2, 3 и 4)

КУРСЫ иврита, идиш, английского, немецкого, французского, чешского, шведского, испанского, итальянского, португальского, латинского, венгерского, японского, китайского, казахского, турецкого, арабского, сербского, польского, украинского, русского и др. языков 972-54-5466290, в т.ч. дистанционно. Вот 10 причин учиться у нас
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Русский, украинский, польский, чешский и др. славянские языки

Немецкий, идиш, датский, шведский, исландский, нидерландский, африкаанс и др. германские языки

Французский, испанский, итальянский, португальский и др. романские языки

Латинский и др. италийские языки

Индоиранские языки

Литовский и др. балтийские яз.

Ирландский яз.

Прочие индо-европейские языки

Финский, венгерский и др. уральские языки

Грузинский и др. кавказские яз.

Иврит, арабский и др. семито-хамитские яз.

Турецкий и др. алтайские языки

Китайско-тибетские языки

Японский, рюкюский и корейский языки

Индейские языки

Остальные естественные языки

Еврейские языки разных семей

Искусственные языки
Choose the suitable word

3-1. After he had moved to Patagonia he … in a cold climate pretty quickly.

(a) got used to living (b) is used to living (c) was used to living (d) used to living (e) used to live
3-2. We … go to Spain next year.

(a) would like (b) like (c) like to (d) would like to (e) would to
3-3. If you don't leave now you may … the bus and there isn't another one today.

(a) catch (b) save (c) miss (d) take (e) late
3-4. I ... go to the movies but I don't any more.

(a) use to (b) used to (c) was used (d) get used (e) am used
3-5. On their arrival to Mexico … purchased a small house in the suburbs of the capital.

(a) the Smith (b) Smith family (c) family Smiths (d) the Smiths (e) family Smith
3-6. I hope my plans don't interfere with ... .

(a) your (b) yours (c) yourself (d) you (e) your ones
3-7. Please write out the answers to the questions at the end of…

(a) eighth chapter. (b) eight chapter. (c) chapter eighth. (d) chapter the eight. (e) chapter eight.
3-8. After ... our classes she’d rather go home.

(a) finish (b) finished (c) finishing (d) to finish (e) finishes
3-9. We … for an hour and a half, and we are still going on.

(a) had been working (b) are working (c) have been working (d) work (e) were working
3-10. We … given two tickets for the movie, so we were able to see the film.

(a) have been (b) are being (c) have (d) had (e) are
На хороших условиях флаера печать киев всем и каждому.

3-11. If all the hotels are full you … phone this number.
(a) would better (b) would rather (c) had better (d) had rather (e) would have
3-12. If I … you I’d send for a doctor.

(a) was (b) be (c) am (d) would be (e) were
3-13. Jack's parents don't respect him, but his teacher ... .

(a) do (b) yes (c) too (d) does (e) respect
3-14. I ... like to give you some accommodation, but we haven't any free rooms.

(a) don't (b) 'd (c) wouldn't (d) so (e) do
3-15. She finally agreed to invite him … making inquiries about him.

(a) after (b) only (c) on (d) onto (e) occasionally
3-16. They are … of pop music.

(a) like (b) practise (c) hate (d) oppose (e) fond
3-17. The bus was so crowded that we could hardly get … .

(a) into (b) on (c) in (d) over (e) round
3-18. By next winter, my niece … all her exams.

(a) has passed (b) will pass (c) passes (d) will have passed (e) will be passed
3-19. Minor ... are common if you take part in dangerous sports.

(a) juniors (b) injuries (c) inquiries (d) hurts (e) rejects
3-20. She was looking … her notes.

(a) out (b) about (c) throat (d) tough (e) through

3-21. She is not … young as he used to think.

(a) than (b) at all (c) so (d) such (e) how
3-22. I am not used … driving fast.

(a) by (b) to (c) hate (d) while (e) dangerous
3-23. I hate sweets; my brother, …, likes them.

(a) therefore (b) so (c) whenever (d) however (e) whatever
3-24. I'm hungry. … something to eat, please.

(a) I like (b) I'd like (c) I'd want (d) I would (e) I'd
3-25. He … his hand eager to answer.

(a) rose (b) raised (c) lifted (d) increased (e) highlighted
3-26. My grandparents live … a farm.

(a) at (b) in (c) by (d) within (e) on
3-27. I took somebody else’s umbrella by … .

(a) error (b) fortune (c) case (d) incident (e) mistake
3-28. May I … you to the meeting?

(a) company (b) accompany (c) companion (d) campaign (e) accomplish
3-29. This ought to remain … you and me.

(a) among (b) towards (c) between (d) usage (e) talking
3-30. “Alice in Wonderland” was written … Lewis Carroll in 1865.

(a) from (b) of (c) by (d) with (e) at
См. еще тесты для первого уровня (1 2), для второго (1 2 3 4), для четвертого (1 2 3), для пятого (1 2), для шестого (1 2), для седьмого (1 2), для восьмого, а также словари и другие материалы по изучению английского языка.
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