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ТЕСТЫ ПО АНГЛИЙСКОМУ языку для V УРОВНЯ обучения. Часть 2 (см. 1 и 3)

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Choose the word with the closest meaning

5-111. If you keep quiet, I’ll give another thought to my decision.
(a) reckon (b) reconsider (c) resolute (d) reproduce (e) reconcile
5-112. She plays a passive role in the committee.

(a) an active (b) an important (c) an inactive (d) an unimportant (e) a passion
5-113. The army launched a massive attack on the fort at dawn.

(a) sunrise (b) sunset (c) sunlight (d) twilight (e) midnight
5-114. After the preliminary round, he was asked to wait for further notice.

(a) final (b) approximate (c) initial (d) secondary (e) limited
5-115. He inherited a huge sum of money when his grandmother passed away.

(a) a fortune (b) an allowance (c) a hesitation (d) a property (e) a heritage
5-116. She has been bearing a baby for five months.

(a) betraying (b) boarding (c) binding (d) nursing (e) pregnant
5-117. The boy resembles his father in many ways.

(a) takes out (b) takes to (c) takes after (d) takes on (e) takes off
5-118. Hillary shows a lot of affection towards children.

(a) hatred (b) love (c) jealousy (d) patience (e) apathy
5-119. The boss has approved his assistant to handle his work while he is away.

(a) authorized (b) disagreed (c) conceived (d) displaced (e) announced

5-120. That shopkeeper is very mean with his money, he refuses to donate a single cent to charity.

(a) vulgar (b) cruel (c) greedy (d) nasty (e) irresistible
5-121. You are not required by law or agreement to attend the meeting.

(a) shared (b) obedient (c) forced (d) obliged (e) outlaw
5-122. We were instructed to keep details of the operation confidential.

(a) adjective (b) guarded (c) entrust (d) carefully (e) secret
5-123. The hunter pursued the wounded tiger to its lair.

(a) shivered (b) betrayed (c) expelled (d) chased (e) penetrated
5-124. All at once, the room was plunged into darkness.

(a) Immediately (b) Lightly (c) Occasionally (d) Briefly (e) Unexpectedly
5-125. He wrote a ridiculous story about an elephant and its pet mouse.

(a) funny (b) strange (c) dull (d) silly (e) childish
5-126. Many victims were crushed to death by the falling wall.

(a) shocked (b) torn (c) strangled (d) smashed (e) striped
5-127. It is always difficult for me to select a good present for my wife.

(a) pick up (b) pick out (c) pick at (d) pick off (e) pick of

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