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Choose the suitable word. Вставьте подходящее слово

1-59. She … in an office every morning from eight to twelve.

(a) sits down (b) sitting (c) sits (d) sit (e) is sitting
1-60. I … born in Spain in 1963.

(a) am (b) was (c) had (d) - (e) did
1-61. Switzerland is … than Britain.

(a) as small (b) smallest (c) more small (d) not so large (e) smaller
1-62. Did she stay with friends? - …

(a) No, she didn't. (b) No, she didn't stay. (c) No, she stayed not. (d) No, she not stayed. (e) No, she wasn’t.
1-63. I ... it doesn't rain tomorrow, I'm going for a picnic.

(a) wait (b) expect (c) build (d) hope (e) want
1-64. May is my favourite … .

(a) mouth (b) month (c) moon (d) season (e) spring
1-65. New York is … from Moscow than London.

(a) far (b) farthest (c) further (d) furthest (e) fear
1-66. How … your test? – Well, it seemed quite easy.

(a) went (b) were (c) was (d) will (e) will be
1.67. Tel Aviv University … an international conference last week.

(a) hold (b) holds (c) holded (d) holding (e) held
1-68. She often … her saxophone in the evening.

(a) practice (b) practices (c) practicing (d) practics (e) practiceing
1-69. They … a heavy price for their mistakes.

(a) paid (b) payd (c) paied (d) payed (e) peid
1-70. This rock star is … among young people than all the others.

(a) most famous (b) famous (c) famouser (d) more famous (e) famousest
1-71. … I use the phone please?

(a) May (b) Can (c) Must (d) Should (e) Shall
1-72. That man … here a few years ago.

(a) will work (b) work (c) worked (d) works (e) is working
1-73. In my opinion, Ann is the … girl in the world.

(a) nicer (b) nicest (c) nice (d) more nice (e) most nice
Which word has the different meaning from the others? Какое слово резко отличается по значению от остальных?

1-101. (a) officer (b) driver (c) teacher (d) doctor (e) sister
1-102. (a) daughter (b) mother (c) wife (d) grandmother (e) husband
1-103. (a) live (b) like (c) have (d) life (e) hand
1-104. (a) three (b) eight (c) twenty-five (d) too (e) thousand
1-105. (a) bread (b) tea (c) coffee (d) milk (e) water
1-106. (a) fall (b) summer (c) winter (d) spring (e) author
1-107. (a) second (b) ninth (c) third (d) hundred (e) first
1-108. (a) building (b) edge (c) house (d) home (e) flat
1-109. (a) on (b) in (c) an (d) at (e) by
1-110. (a) determine (b) must (c) can (d) should (e) may

Choose the word with the closest meaning / Выберите слово, значение которого наиболее близко к подчеркнутому

1-111. She spoke to her teacher after classes.
(a) told (b) talked (c) said (d) discussed (e) saw
1-112. We attempted to save the burning house, but our efforts were in vain.

(a) wanted (b) hoped (c) planned (d) proved (e) tried
1-113. OK, I’ll take it.

(a) accept (b) agree (c) expect (d) except (e) effect
1-114. Do not stay in bed all day long.

(a) lay (b) leave (c) sleep (d) lie (e) law
1-115. Did you discover what his name was?

(a) look (b) out of (c) find out (d) look for (e) find
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