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Choose the suitable word. Вставьте подходящее слово

2-34. The telephone and the door-bell rang … the same time.

(a) – (b) on (c) at (d) during (e) in
2-35. I am going to Scotland … a short holiday next month.

(a) for (b) – (c) in (d) to (e) on
2-36. Julia’s grandmother died … the age of 89.

(a) during (b) at (c) in (d) when (e) on
2-37. There was an interesting program … the radio this morning.

(a) on (b) through (c) by (d) at (e) in
2-38. The store is open every day … Saturday.

(a) expect (b) accept (c) upon (d) except (e) on
2-39. Let’s go somewhere else! There is … noise in this hall.

(a) too many (b) too much (c) enough (d) too (e) very
2-40. The best … to your problem is to hire a programmer.

(a) solution (b) decision (c) way (d) method (e) maybe
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2-41. Hurry up, ... we'll miss the plane.
(a) either (b) owe (c) clearly (d) therefore (e) otherwise
2-42. The waiter brought us tea ... coffee.

(a) cup of (b) cap of (c) instead (d) pot (e) instead of
2-43. He called me up to ... of the theatre tickets.

(a) remember (b) not forget (c) remind (d) refer (e) buy
2-44. I can't hear what you say. Could you turn ... the radio?

(a) on (b) in (c) off (d) up (e) out
2-45. Peter doesn't like beer and ... do I.

(a) either (b) so (c) neither (d) too (e) none
2-46. You oughtn't to be angry ... your pupils.

(a) about (b) at (c) with (d) on (e) to
2-47. Don't ... anybody for your own failures.

(a) response (b) apologize (c) search (d) blame (e) be angry
2-48. He badly suffers … hay fever every summer.

(a) of (b) with (c) from (d) because of (e) in
2-49. I don't ... of those people who prefer TV to books.

(a) approve (b) prove (c) respect (d) one (e) belong

2-50. You … open the door before the train gets into the station. It's very dangerous.
(a) mustn't (b) must (c) should (d) don't have to (e) needn’t
2-51. "I'm just going out for an ice-cream. ... get one for you too?'' - “That would be nice of you!”

(a) Do I (b) Shall I (c) Will I (d) Do I have (e) Have I
2-52. The task was complex, ... at the same time easy.

(a) still (b) even (c) yet (d) just (e) while
2-53. After many years of research, they found the solution ... .

(a) by the end (b) at the end (c) at least (d) on the end (e) at last
2-54. Have you sent that e-mail to Mr. O'Neill? - Yes, I’ve … done that.

(a) still (b) already (c) yet (d) by myself (e) myself
2-55. I haven’t seen your cousin ... over a year.

(a) since (b) ______ (c) for (d) during (e) in
2-56. … the ball as far as possible.

(a) Kick (b) Jump (c) Spring (d) Mail (e) Bowl
2-57. He's started a new job. It's more interesting and he … more money.

(a) incomes (b) earns (c) royals (d) costs (e) wages
2-58. May I ... your dictionary? Yes, of course. But I'd like it back for the weekend.

(a) lend (b) borrow (c) owe (d) hire (e) cheque
2-59. He lets his wife do everything for him. He's very … .

(a) careful (b) independent (c) upper (d) dull (e) lazy
2-60. The team that … more goals wins the victory.

(a) does (b) beats (c) scores (d) makes (e) hits
2-61. Don't …! It is not funny at all.

(a) pleased (b) shout (c) pleasant (d) fan (e) laugh
2-62. The weather has been terrible during the … few weeks.

(a) past (b) passed (c) post (d) paused (e) path
2-63. The cyclists went out of … over the hill.

(a) eye (b) look (c) sight (d) site (e) seed
2-64. There are millions of … people in third-world countries.

(a) purr (b) poor (c) pour (d) pore (e) power
2-65. George and I have … to meet at 5 p.m.

(a) discussed (b) organized (c) fixed (d) arranged (e) appointed
2-66. Have you heard the … news?

(a) last (b) least (c) lost (d) latter (e) latest
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