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Лишение прав ребёнка юрист
Choose the suitable word. Вставьте подходящее слово

2-67. We couldn’t come on time … the rain had not stopped.

(a) wet (b) unable (c) because (d) because of (e) why
2-68. There are no more buses, … we’ll have to walk.

(a) so (b) since (c) as (d) because (e) due
2-69. The students … their answers with the teacher’s and found their mistakes.

(a) repeated (b) mixed (c) compared (d) supplied (e) reviewed
2-70. Mother told her children not to … fun of their little brother.

(a) make (b) have (c) focus (d) do (e) create
2-71. It … two hours to get to town from here.

(a) needs (b) uses (c) requires (d) takes (e) spends
2-72. Would you like … glass of juice?

(a) the other (b) some other (c) another (d) other (e) another one
2-73. … she likes coffee, she preferred tea.

(a) Herself (b) However (c) Although (d) But (e) As well
2-74. He has never … a race.

(a) beaten (b) beat (c) succeeded (d) win (e) won
2-75. Dad … food for us at the restaurant.

(a) ordered (b) invited (c) booked (d) reserved (e) intended
2-76. The nurse asked, “How much did the baby … at the birth?”

(a) wet (b) wait (c) weigh (d) weight (e) weighed
2-77. The … of Mount Everest is 29,000 feet.

(a) highly (b) height (c) high (d) higher (e) hate
2-78. Who is the … of the car?

(a) master (b) husband (c) host (d) owner (e) proper
2-79. I fell and hurt myself … I was playing tennis.

(a) during (b) while (c) after (d) since (e) from

2-80. What do you do … the week-ends?

(a) – (b) on (c) at (d) in (e) during
2-81. They often go out … Saturday evening.

(a) at (b) in (c) the (d) on (e) -
2-82. Is Tom … this photograph? I can’t find him.

(a) really (b) – (c) on (d) at (e) in
2-83. Felicia did not know … to write a letter or read a book.

(a) weather (b) whether (c) either (d) or (e) if
2-84. I have friends … love me so much that they held a surprise birthday party for me last night.

(a) who (b) whom (c) which (d) what (e) they
2-85. We're not paying a builder to mend the fire-place. We've decided to do it … .

(a) us (b) ourselves (c) ourself (d) our (e) own
2-86. I still can’t understand what happened. You owe me an … .

(a) explain (b) explanatory (c) explanation (d) explaining (e) expulsion
2-87. It is quite often faster to walk than to go ... bus.

(a) in (b) by (c) at (d) on (e) with
2-88. … bag is this? - It's mine.

(a) Which (b) What kind of (c) Who's (d) Whose (e) What

2-89. There aren't … people here today.

(a) a lot (b) much (c) at all (d) the (e) many
2-90. That sofa … comfortable. Can I try it?

(a) looks (b) looks like (c) is like (d) like (e) likes
2-91. Motor racing is probably … sport in the world.

(a) the most expensive (b) most expensive (c) more expensive (d) expensivest (e) the expensivest
2-92. He passed his English exam very … .

(a) simple (b) easy (c) easily (d) simply (e) light
2-93. You’ve never … to New York.

(a) was (b) been (c) were (d) go (e) went
2-94. Domestic cats usually eat at home, but today … lunch in a restaurant.

(a) its are eating (b) its are having (c) they have (d) they are having (e) its have
2-95. … you ever visited London?

(a) When (b) Were (c) Was (d) Did (e) Have
2-96. We … lunch when the phone ... .

(a) had / rang (b) were having / rang (c) were having / was ringing (d) had / has rung (e) were having / rings
2-97. We … go out to a restaurant during the week, because when we get home from work we're too tired.

(a) hardly ever (b) very seldom (c) nearly never (d) ever (e) hardly never
2-98. Not mentioning anyone.... , but who left the door open all night?

(a) considerable (b) especially (c) specially (d) in particular (e) indeed
2-99. What does he look like? - He's quite tall and he has short, dark … .

(a) hear (b) heir (c) hair (d) hears (e) ear
2-100. We waited and waited and at … he arrived.

(a) first (b) once (c) all (d) least (e) last

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