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Which word or expression has the different meaning from the others?
Какое слово или выражение резко отличается по значению от остальных?

2-101. (a) elephant (b) dog (c) lion (d) cow (e) snake

2-102. (a) shirt (b) crop (c) skirt (d) tie (e) cap

2-103. (a) chairman (b) policeman (c) lawyer (d) teacher (e) nurse

2-104. (a) juice (b) wine (c) coal (d) beer (e) tea

2-105. (a) twice a week (b) three times a year (c) once upon a time (d) every day (e) on Tuesdays

2-106. (a) pleased (b) happy (c) glad (d) valley (e) lucky

2-107. (a) taste (b) smell (c) hear (d) see (e) tough
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Choose the word with the closest meaning
Выберите слово, значение которого наиболее близко к подчеркнутому

2-111. When did the event occur?
(a) come (b) happen (c) appear (d) pass (e) sudden
2-112. My sister's son has just made it to the University.

(a) niece (b) aunt (c) cousin (d) nephew (e) uncle
2-113. There are heavy taxes imposed on wines and spirits.

(a) sums (b) incomes (c) duties (d) charges (e) alcohols
2-114. Kate's second composition is much better than the original one.

(a) latest (b) recent (c) first (d) third (e) worse
2-115. The pupil claimed he had read the novel.

(a) told (b) proved (c) suffered (d) succeeded (e) argued
2-116. Only persons over eighteen years of age are allowed to enter.

(a) admitted (b) permitted (c) served (d) employed (e) income
2-117. The blind man trusts his dog to guide him.

(a) depends on (b) believes (c) orders (d) chooses (e) follows
2-118. We are likely to make mistakes when we are tired.

(a) expected (b) generally (c) demanded (d) probable (e) frequently
2-119. The candidate filled out the forms to make a request for the job.

(a) accept (b) appoint (c) apply (d) obtain (e) address

2-120. You've made Dad cross.

(a) upset (b) interested (c) proud (d) significant (e) angry
2-121. Please don’t say a word about this matter again.

(a) repeat (b) mention (c) remind (d) discuss (e) silent
2-122. The ancient Egyptians buried their kings in pyramids.

(a) royal (b) regular (c) old (d) early (e) religious
2-123. They told us to do the room.

(a) clear (b) order (c) clean (d) air (e) make
2-124. He arises at the same time every morning.

(a) puts on (b) gets up (c) wakes up (d) stands up (e) has breakfast
2-125. Helen said that she was going to mail the letter immediately.

(a) right away (b) just now (c) directly (d) herself (e) exactly
2-126. Olga placed on herself her new hat and stood admiring herself in the mirror.

(a) had on (b) was on (c) bought (d) acquired (e) put on
2-127. We spend the entire day looking for a new apartment.

(a) the long day (b) the afternoon (c) many hours (d) all day long (e) the working day
2-128. John is in a hurry.

(a) tired (b) rushed (c) ill (d) hurt (e) happy
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