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Choose the suitable word

3-32. When I was 14, I went … a trip organized by my school.

(a) to (b) on (c) in (d) for (e) at
3-33. We can’t get any more people …, you’ll have to wait for another bus.

(a) in (b) on (c) off (d) by (e) into
3-34. The Earth travels round the Sun … a speed of 107,000 kilometres an hour.

(a) at (b) with (c) on (d) by (e) in
3-35. Did you enjoy your holiday? – Not every minute of it, but … the whole, yes.

(a) in (b) – (c) at (d) as (e) on
3-36. The … of my school was a very strict man.

(a) principal (b) principle (c) principality (d) price (e) praise
3-37. "No … allowed," stated the sign in the bar.

(a) minors (b) miners (c) drinks (d) drunks (e) drinking
3-38. My aunt cleans her plate since she hates seeing food go to … .

(a) waist (b) waste (c) west (d) uncle (e) vast
3-39. Darren enjoys reading … to his baby sister.

(a) allowed (b) aloud (c) arrow (d) educate (e) governor
3-40. It's too expensive. We can't … it.

(a) enable (b) deserve (c) port (d) afford (e) receipt

3-41. The hotel was so awful that we wrote a letter of … to the agency when we got back home.

(a) thanks (b) pride (c) complaint (d) relief (e) principal
3-42. I'm really … to the party. All my old friends will attend it.

(a) appreciating (b) thinking about (c) excited (d) anxious (e) looking forward
3-43. You can't … on him. He never does what he says.

(a) undertake (b) rely (c) fasten (d) ensure (e) guarantee
3-44. There was a terrible … on the motorway this morning. Five vehicles were involved.

(a) scratch (b) crush (c) crash (d) wound (e) moving
3-45. Don’t forget to take your umbrella. It's raining … .

(a) heavily (b) heavy (c) hardly (d) hard (e) heaven
3-46. I'm … today. I'll phone you back tomorrow.

(a) crowded (b) provided (c) widespread (d) engaged (e) tension
3-47. It's very … here. I can't hear anything.

(a) loud (b) load (c) noisy (d) aloud (e) noise
3-48. I want to … for being late.

(a) excuse (b) sorry (c) regret (d) forgive (e) apologize
3-49. You may go to the party ... you are back home by midnight.

(a) as well as (b) as time as (c) as long as (d) as far as (e) as good as
3-50. How many sheets of paper do you think this file will … ?

(a) occupy (b) suit (c) fit (d) hold (e) possibly
3-51. I have not seen her … .

(a) recently (b) lately (c) late (d) shortly (e) ago
3-52. I’m afraid the weather … change for the worse.

(a) bad (b) gradually (c) may (d) moving (e) should
3-53. Many people think that violent films are not … for children.

(a) suitable (b) probable (c) admitted (d) fit (e) fixed
3-54. She is liked in spite of her numerous … .

(a) skills (b) shortages (c) friends (d) faints (e) faults
3-55. Employees of the company were … from participation in the contest.

(a) intended (b) excluded (c) closed (d) recognized (e) experienced
3-56. The flowers are … beautiful!

(a) as (b) the (c) so (d) such (e) how
3-57. I have never seen … an excellent performance.

(a) as (b) very (c) so (d) such (e) that
3-58. I may need more time … you to finish the lab work.

(a) from (b) as (c) then (d) than (e) outer
3-59. We have … the vehicle with petrol.

(a) failed (b) fallen (c) felt (d) field (e) filled
3-60. That man’s behaviour aroused the guards’ … .

(a) suspicion (b) suspicious (c) suspect (d) setting (e) stare
3-61. I’m heading for the cinema. What about … me?

(a) sharing (b) listening (c) joining (d) pacing (e) relying
3-62. I wouldn’t like to be … sea in weather like this.

(a) in (b) at (c) on (d) by (e) near

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