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Choose the suitable word

3-63. Paris is situated … the river Seine.

(a) by (b) at (c) near (d) on (e) above
3-64. We normally use the front entrance but there’s another one … the back.

(a) in (b) from (c) on (d) behind (e) at
3-65. Are you … with your salary?

(a) satisfy (b) satisfied (c) satisfaction (d) satisfactory (e) satisfactorily
3-66. They have a short holiday … Christmas.

(a) at (b) for (c) on (d) in (e) during
3-67. Mary and Henry always go out for a meal … their wedding anniversary.

(a) at (b) – (c) on (d) when (e) in
3-68. Harry is 65, so he’ll be retiring from his job … two years’ time.

(a) after (b) for (c) on (d) in (e) at
3-69. This is … the right moment to break the news to him.

(a) obvious (b) justify (c) provided (d) hard (e) hardly
3-70. I wouldn’t like his job. He spends most of his time talking … the phone.

(a) by (b) on (c) through (d) at (e) along
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3-71. Fortunately, … people were injured in the earthquake.

(a) few (b) little (c) many (d) much (e) not
3-72. Keep …! You are disturbing the neighbours.

(a) still (b) quite (c) quiet (d) quietly (e) elsewhere
3-73. Pauline got married … 20 July 2011.

(a) in (b) – (c) at (d) on (e) since
3-74. Jack got married … 18, which is rather young to get married.

(a) at (b) in (c) by (d) as (e) on
3-75. You’d better not look up … Ron. He isn’t worth your admiration.

(a) at (b) to (c) for (d) like (e) on
3-76. Sandy is going to look … the children while we are at the business dinner.

(a) around (b) out (c) through (d) after (e) up
3-77. The precious vase fell down. …, it didn’t break.

(a) Fortunately (b) Fortunate (c) Fortune (d) Unfortunately (e) Unfortunate
3-78. I came … some beautiful pictures while dusting old family albums.

(a) to (b) into (c) across (d) on (e) at
3-79. There was panic when people realized that the building was … fire.

(a) under (b) in (c) at (d) on (e) by
3-80. How do you get to work? - ... .

(a) By my car (b) In car (c) On the car (d) In my car (e) By the car
3-81. Your parents enjoyed that film, ... they?

(a) don't (b) weren't (c) did (d) aren't (e) didn't
3-82. You won't continue studying Russian, ... you?

(a) want (b) will (c) shall (d) do (e) don’t
3-83. Lunar rock … were distributed to scientists of many countries.

(a) samples (b) matters (c) craters (d) periods (e) threads
3-84. … life is sometimes difficult for executives under stress.

(a) The (b) A (c) – (d) Much (e) Hard
3-85. … the chairman will be retiring in April, his successor will not be ready to take over until June.

(a) On the other hand (b) However (c) On the contrary (d) Nevertheless (e) Although
3-86. We’d better contact the police immediately, …?

(a) haven’t we (b) hadn’t we (c) shan’t we (d) shouldn’t we (e) wouldn’t we
3-87. Banks have … increasing interest rates until there is more news from the Bundesbank.

(a) got through (b) given away (c) looked into (d) put off (e) come down
3-88. The sales manager will just have to … without a car until it is repaired.

(a) get by (b) go about (c) come out (d) give up (e) take after
3-89. Our neighbour's car alarm went … several times last night, so I didn't sleep well at all.

(a) up (b) off (c) out (d) over (e) through
3-90. The house was locked, so … could get in.

(a) everybody (b) anybody (c) somebody (d) nobody (e) not
3-91. He took … his hat and gave it to the butler.

(a) down (b) out (c) off (d) away (e) up
3-92. If you don't hurry up, the plane will … off without us.

(a) down (a) go (b) fly (c) leave (d) travel (e) take
3-93. Do you take me … an idiot?

(a) for (b) as (c) - (d) along (e) about
3-94. What language will you take … after English?

(a) on (b) up (c) with (d) off (e) out

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