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Which word has the different meaning from the others?

3-101. (a) football (b) swimming (c) basket-ball (d) ruling (e) boxing

3-102. (a) pretty (b) handsome (c) beautiful (d) attractive (e) ugly

3-103. (a) overcome (b) proceed (c) move (d) walk (e) ride

3-104. (a) launch (b) touch down (c) land (d) take off (e) arrive

3-105. (a) attend (b) take part (c) withdraw (d) participate (e) share

3-106. (a) voyage (b) rid (c) flight (d) trip (e) journey

3-107. (a) occasionally (b) normally (c) rarely (d) merely (e) generally

3-108. (a) purple (b) lemon (c) grin (d) pink (e) grey

3-109. (a) beg a pardon (b) apologize (c) be sorry (d) excuse (e) regret

3-110. (a) fit (b) strict (c) powerful (d) able (e) strong
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Choose the word with the closest meaning

3-111. Excuse me, could I put a word in?

(a) interrupt (b) interfere (c) disturb (d) interview (e) interpret
3-112. The detective hesitated for a moment before he opened the door.

(a) decided (b) paused (c) concentrated (d) appreciated (e) seized
3-113. He rejected my offer to help.

(a) ran through (b) took up (c) put aside (d) kept off (e) turned down
3-114. The old man rarely complained about his backaches.

(a) currently (b) painfully (c) occasionally (d) hard (e) seldom
3-115. Many of the workers were not doing any work.

(a) idle (b) unemployed (c) dismissed (d) irresponsible (e) lazy
3-116. The parents are trying to persuade their child to go to school.

(a) force (b) dominate (c) convince (d) threaten (e) obey
3-117. This product is up-to-date.

(a) aged (b) distinct (c) competitive (d) modern (e) upstairs
3-118. The money paid as a punishment for littering is $500.

(a) reward (b) price (c) fine (d) payment (e) sum
3-119. It's no use talking to that old man as he is unable to hear.

(a) insane (b) dumb (c) crazy (d) deaf (e) blind
3-120. He told them of his exciting and dangerous experiences in the mountains.

(a) mysteries (b) shelters (c) trips (d) extensions (e) adventures
3-121. The warrior raised his shield to defend himself.

(a) secure (b) rescue (c) ensure (d) rely (e) award
3-122. I am confident that the host team will win the match.

(a) unexpected (b) surely (c) hopeful (d) constant (e) certain
3-123. The match was postponed because the field was flooded.

(a) put out (b) put up (c) put off (d) put down (e) put aside
3-124. Every Sunday I go with my mom to the market-place.

(a) commit (b) accompany (c) add (d) compose (e) share
3-125. The policeman was held up in a traffic jam and arrived too late.

(a) stopped (b) delayed (c) robbed (d) arrested (e) postponed
3-126. He was sorry about telling the lie.

(a) regretted (b) confused (c) disappointed (d) complicated (e) retained
3-127. This piece of furniture is quite typical. Don't pay too much for it.

(a) rare (b) satisfactory (c) ordinary (d) natural (e) ordinal
3-128. Remove your overcoat and sit down a few minutes.

(a) Put off (b) Put down (c) Get off (d) Take off (e) Take down
3-129. We boarded the bus at Broadway.

(a) got by (b) got through (c) got up (d) got to (e) got on
3-130. How is Mary doing in her new French class?

(a) getting together (b) coming on (c) coming across (d) getting along (e) putting up
3-131. It took me more than a month to get over it.

(a) overcome it (b) recover from it (c) resist it (d) restore it (e) get used to it
3-132. Have you come across a new word in the sentence?

(a) found a new word in the sentence (b) read the sentence without stopping for a new word (c) stopped reading when you saw a new word (d) been upset because you had seen a new word (e) crossed a new word out of the sentence
3-133. Our son finally got back.

(a) rested (b) left (c) returned (d) recovered (e) went to bed

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