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Choose the suitable word

4-30. At the end of the course special prizes were ... to the winning participants.

(a) rewarded (b) awarded (c) earned (d) deserved (e) presented
4-31. There are so many dishes … the menu, I can’t decide what to have.

(a) in (b) among (c) on (d) at (e) by
4-32. The soup smells … .

(a) well (b) wonderfully (c) delicious (d) deliciously (e) delighted
4-33. I’m supposed to be … a diet.

(a) by (b) with (c) in (d) at (e) on
4-34. You sound rather … . Has anything happened?

(a) tense (b) tensely (c) angrily (d) nerve (e) nervously
4-35. I saw her … on the stage, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

(a) dance (b) dancing (c) dances (d) was dancing (e) danced
4-36. He smokes more than ten cigarettes … .

(a) by day (b) the day (c) in day (d) a day (e) on day
4-37. A friend of … phoned this morning without … a message.

(a) your / leaving (b) you / left (c) you / leaving (d) yours / left (e) yours / leaving
4-38. If I had enough money next year, I … USA.

(a) will go to (b) would go to (c) would go to the (d) went to the (e) went to
4-39. There was a major robbery at the bank, and all the money … .

(a) is stolen (b) has stolen (c) was stolen (d) was being stolen (e) had stolen

4-40. If the … were tightened, AIDS sufferers would find other ways to get experimental drugs.

(a) conditions (b) advances (c) physicians (d) restrictions (e) ventures
4-41. Their manufacturing business … in the early seventies.

(a) was established (b) established (c) was establishing (d) has been established (e) establishes
4-42. If we … him, he would have gone to work with our competitors.

(a) haven’t promoted (b) hadn’t promoted (c) didn’t promote (d) don’t promote (e) wouldn’t promote
4-43. I was afraid there wasn't enough light in the room when I took these pictures, but they actually turned … great!

(a) into (b) on (c) over (d) to (e) out
4-44. His heart attack was brought … by too much stress at work.

(a) about (b) along (c) over (d) down (e) through
4-45. There was a sign on the door that said, "Keep … from the fire!"

(a) back (b) in (c) away (d) off (e) out
4-46. The talented youngsters came … with a great marketing strategy for their product.

(a) upon (b) up (c) about (d) out (e) off
4-47. The project is classified by the military, so I am not allowed to go … the details.

(a) about (b) into (c) in (d) on (e) to
4-48. I said you were a nice person, but I take it … . You are absolutely horrible!

(a) over (b) off (c) out (d) down (e) back
4-49. We went down to the beaches near Cape Canaveral to watch the space shuttle take … . The launch was magnificent.

(a) over (b) up (c) off (d) after (e) out
4-50. Don't put … doing your homework. Do it now, so it will be out of the way and you can do something fun tonight.

(a) aside (b) away (c) down (d) off (e) out
4-51. She would never have taken … so much responsibility if she weren't willing to work nights and weekends.

(a) on (b) after (c) in (d) over (e) up
4-52. I told you to keep the dog … the bed. I don't want dog hair all over the bedspread.

(a) from (b) out of (c) away (d) on (e) off
4-53. The doctor made Joe lie in a cold bath to help his fever go … .

(a) away (b) aside (c) over (d) off (e) by
4-54. They were showing so many commercials during that movie that I finally just turned … the TV.

(a) up (b) out (c) on (d) off (e) away
4-55. Your new dress really brings … the colour of your eyes.

(a) up (b) in (c) out (d) into (e) about
4-56. You won’t undoubtedly let me … . I trust you completely.

(a) off (b) out (c) away (d) down (e) into
4-57. The police are going to look … the recent robberies in the neighborhood. Hopefully, they will find the thief.

(a) for (b) out (c) at (d) forward (e) into
4-58. Some people have difficulty in making … understood.

(a) themselves (b) them (c) one (d) oneself (e) oneselves

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