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ТЕСТЫ ПО АНГЛИЙСКОМУ ЯЗЫКУ для IV УРОВНЯ. Часть 3 (см. также части 1 и 2)

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Which word has the different meaning from the others?

4-101. (a) helicopter (b) bird (c) rocket (d) rack (e) jet

4-102. (a) snowy (b) foggy (c) severely (d) cloudy (e) rainy

4-103. (a) salmon (b) lamb (c) vinegar (d) sausage (e) disgust

4-104. (a) merry (b) silly (c) intelligent (d) wise (e) stupid

4-105. (a) sofa (b) arm-chair (c) stool (d) bet (e) couch

4-106. (a) country-side (b) beach (c) resort (d) spa (e) reluctant

4-107. (a) terrible (b) fright (c) awful (d) fearful (e) horrible

4-108. (a) confirm (b) consent (c) confine (d) admit (e) nod

4-109. (a) saddle (b) pain (c) ache (d) sore (e) hurt

4-110. (a) work out (b) ski (c) skate (d) sail (e) rocket
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Choose the word with the closest meaning

4-111. My father is not at home. He is working beyond his regular hours of work.
(a) overtime (b) shift (c) hard (d) extra (e) part-time
4-112. The wallet which he has purchased is made of genuine leather.
(a) gently (b) real (c) smooth (d) artificial (e) fake
4-113. The motorist is severely hurt in the accident.
(a) seriously (b) mildly (c) slightly (d) barely (e) hardly
4-114. The days that come before the examination are usually stressful.
(a) follow (b) precede (c) proceed (d) supreme (e) prejudice
4-115. I have paid as part of a larger sum 10% of the price for the washing-machine.
(a) deposited (b) withdrawn (c) exceeded (d) invested (e) compensated
4-116. Joe finally admitted that he had broken the vase.
(a) unlocked (b) denied (c) smashed (d) confessed (e) confused
4-117. His parents made him amend his ways.
(a) change (b) scorn (c) confess (d) study (e) negotiate
4-118. The couple raised their kids perfectly.
(a) called up (b) checked up (c) kept up (d) brought up (e) showed up
4-119. The prisoner kept pleading that he was not guilty.
(a) innocent (b) honest (c) senseless (d) hostile (e) answering
4-120. After serving his sentence, he was let out of jail.
(a) retired (b) released (c) captured (d) imprisoned (e) revenged
4-121. The passengers were fortunate to survive the wreck.
(a) happy (b) lucky (c) genuine (d) thankful (e) worthy
4-122. The crowd was astonished to see a horse in the shopping center.
(a) frightened (b) greeting (c) excited (d) supposed (e) surprised
4-123. Those who were not members of the army were warned to stay away from the war zone.
(a) civilians (b) refugees (c) deserts (d) desserts (e) troops
4-124. We were entertained by a famous magician.
(a) tricked (b) amused (c) pleased (d) bored (e) delighted
4-125. I stopped to talk to her for a minute, after which I went on going.
(a) paused (b) interrupted (c) ceased (d) continued (e) stood still
4-126. Originally I thought it was John who was calling me.
(a) at once (b) at times (c) at first (d) at last (e) at least
4-127. It is of little importance whether he passes his exam.
(a) makes sure (b) makes the best of him (c) makes his mind (d) makes no difference (e) makes clear
4-128. The meeting is called off.
(a) begun (b) over (c) crowded (d) interesting (e) canceled

См. тесты для первого уровня (1 2 3), для второго (1 2 3 4), для третьего (1 2 3 4), для пятого (1 2 3), для шестого (1 2 3), для седьмого (1 2 3), для восьмого (1 2 3), а также словари и др. материалы по изучению английского языка.

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