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ТЕСТЫ по АНГЛИЙСКОМУ языку ДЛЯ VI УРОВНЯ обучения. Часть 3 (см. также части 1 и 2)

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При записи на курсы английского для взрослых с нуля целесообразно проводить тест, чтобы убедиться, что учащийся в самом деле абсолютно не владеет английским. Некоторые кандидаты скромно умалчивают о наличии у них пассивного багажа знания языка, а вскоре после начала занятий выясняется, что им скучно - они многое уже знают... Им требуется не та же самая методика, какая нужна действительно начинающим.

Choose the word with the closest meaning

6-111. Although he is over seventy years old, Mr. Smith is still very active.
(a) energetic (b) adventurous (c) exciting (d) daring (e) senile
6-112. We will inform you as soon as we have new information.

(a) verify (b) testify (c) notify (d) signify (e) clarify
6-113. She is the offspring of a famous author.

(a) ancestor (b) predecessor (c) heir (d) orphan (e) stepsister
6-114. Children are vulnerable to abuse. They are practically defenceless.

(a) blackmailed by (b) attracted to (c) injured by (d) due to (e) unprotected from
6-115. When we went to Hawaii, we were given a warm welcome by the local inhabitants.

(a) natives (b) hosts (c) premises (d) suite (e) receptionists
6-116. Smoking is a serious health danger.

(a) haul (b) garbage (c) faction (d) scrap (e) hazard
6-117. She took a glimpse at the person sitting opposite her.

(a) an intense stare (b) a glare (c) a short look (d) a close examination (e) portraying
6-118. Be careful with the plates. They are easily broken.

(a) brake (b) valuable (c) bracket (d) garbage (e) fragile
6-119. The man who takes care of sheep is found sleeping on the green pasture.

(a) groom (b) shepherd (c) coastguard (d) sailor (e) coach
6-120. Throw your cigarette into the container meant for that purpose.

(a) basket (b) dustbin (c) bucket (d) pail (e) ash-tray

6-121. Large numbers of people who were killed or injured were reported in this accident.

(a) tragedies (b) dyes (c) casualties (d) cemeteries (e) corpses
6-122. The young bull has been sold in the market for sixty dollars.

(a) calf (b) fawn (c) butt (d) pup (e) cuff
6-123. I bought those clothes on a sudden urge.

(a) passion (b) innovation (c) pressure (d) tempting (e) impulse
6-124. At what time exactly will the performance commence?

(a) end (b) start (c) convene (d) terminate (e) comment
6-125. The travelers had to endure numerous hardships.

(a) overdo (b) overtake (c) shudder (d) bear (e) shrink
6-126. Filled with rage, he picked up a vase and smashed it.

(a) grief (b) shriek (c) sorrow (d) anger (e) hazard
6-127. Richard could not recollect what he had said to Francis.

(a) memorize (b) recite (c) recess (d) remember (e) reconstruct
6-128. The whole country was in chaos when the government was overthrown.

(a) discourse (b) disorder (c) discard (d) disgrace (e) dispatch
6-129. All the runners were exhausted after the marathon.

(a) tired (b) explicit (c) annoyed (d) sick (e) conspicuous
6-130. This loaf of bread is not fresh. Don't eat it.

(a) stale (b) rotten (c) sniff (d) smelly (e) sober
6-131. I don't like to go to the movies alone.

(a) own (b) myself (c) by myself (d) on myself (e) oneself
6-132. We were not surprised when he failed to appear at the meeting.

(a) come back (b) find out (c) show up (d) show off (e) come on
6-133. Ruth has made up her mind to settle in California for good.

(a) temporarily (b) to do good (c) to improve her health (d) to enjoy a good time (e) permanently
6-134. Critics don't think much of this book.

(a) have never read (b) have a poor opinion of (c) have not heard much (d) seldom think about (e) don't deal with

См. также тесты для первого уровня (1 2 3), для второго (1 2 3 4), для третьего (1 2 3 4), для четвертого (1 2 3), для пятого (1 2 3), для седьмого (1 2), для восьмого (1 2) и др. материалы по изучению английского языка.
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