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Which word has the different meaning from the others?

7-101. (a) torrent (b) drought (c) hail (d) shower (e) sediment

7-102. (a) one-way (b) return (c) first-class (d) round-trip (e) redirect

7-103. (a) poet (b) playwright (c) screwdriver (d) novelist (e) writer

7-104. (a) refute (b) deny (c) reject (d) refund (e) refuse

7-105. (a) queer (b) greasy (c) weird (d) unusual (e) strange

7-106. (a) inexpensive (b) affordable (c) indispensable (d) cheap (e) moderate
Choose the word with the closest meaning

7-111. He represses his urge to cry although he is very sad.
(a) restrains (b) reverts (c) overcharges (d) obstructs (e) retrieves
7-112. The burglars tried to attract the guard dogs away from the house by giving them food.

(a) extract (b) capture (c) deceive (d) trick (e) lure
7-113. Beavers are known to be very industrious.

(a) intelligent (b) hard-working (c) indigenous (d) industrial (e) institutional
7-114. She sews beautiful garments with quick fingers.

(a) crumble (b) nimble (c) tremble (d) fumble (e) stumble
7-115. The nuns are sleeping in the building in which nuns regularly live.

(a) dormitory (b) nutrition (c) convent (d) cathedral (e) mosque
7-116. This model of computers already seems obsolete.

(a) fashionable (b) isolated (c) updated (d) ignorant (e) out-of-date
7-117. The man who has never married works late every night.

(a) fiance (b) spinster (c) bachelor (d) virgin (e) groom
7-118. We have ample time to get to the airport.

(a) sufficient (b) little (c) awhile (d) esteem (e) fullness
7-119. If you strike out fifty words, we can put the whole story on one page.

(a) flutter (b) rewrite (c) delete (d) erase (e) extinct
7-120. He bought a new TV set as he was able to meet the periodic payments.

(a) installments (b) inscriptions (c) inflammations (d) intercourses (e) inclinations
По хорошей цене сдать аккумулятор для всех клиентов.

7-121. During famine, food was inadequate and expensive.
(a) scarce (b) ample (c) plentiful (d) arguably (e) female
7-122. Dad's car becomes less valuable by six thousand dollars annually.

(a) fortnightly (b) yearly (c) monthly (d) weekly (e) endlessly
7-123. Tim and Eve are very dear friends.

(a) fanciful (b) twin (c) bosom (d) expensive (e) gigantic
7-124. He is unusually articulate at an age of five.

(a) tongue-tied (b) detached (c) expressive (d) disrespectful (e) authoritative
7-125. The empty nest is being occupied by a couple of sparrows.

(a) taken in (b) taken up (c) taken away (d) taken out (e) taken off
7-126. The effect of a volcanic eruption on the environment can be devastating.

(a) discrete (b) destructive (c) desolate (d) complimentary (e) consecutive
7-127. The person in charge for directing the course of the ship committed a grave mistake.

(a) chauffeur (b) pilot (c) sailing-boat (d) fitter (e) navigator
7-128. We like to go to the place where water is collected and stored.

(a) aquarium (b) reservoir (c) quarry (d) swimming-pool (e) savings-bank
7-129. He was standing at the structure that was stretching out into the sea for landing purposes.

(a) pierce (b) pear (c) pier (d) pair (e) peer
7-130. Attendance is obligatory for new recruits.

(a) optional (b) compulsory (c) voluntary (d) obstinate (e) negligible
7-131. The snack-bar serves hot and cold drinks.
(a) beverages (b) provisions (c) snacks (d) coups (e) refreshments
7-132. Make sure your voice is loud enough to be heard.

(a) audible (b) edible (c) observable (d) suitable (e) capable
7-133. Swiftly the cheetah sprang upon one of the deer.

(a) Hungrily (b) Quickly (c) Allegedly (d) Quietly (e) Consciously
7-134. A good speaker pronounces words distinctly.

(a) loudly (b) individually (c) clearly (d) correctly (e) literally
7-135. Everyone likes him as he is very amiable.

(a) attractive (b) understanding (c) friendly (d) courteous (e) helping
7-136. The large crowd broke up after the popular singer had left the hotel.

(a) displeased (b) separated (c) vanished (d) dispersed (e) distracted
7-137. The ink on his report book was not accidental; it was done deliberately.

(a) unintentionally (b) on purpose (c) certainly (d) doubtfully (e) distinctly

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